More interactie map - Riot maybe a good idea ??

Hi, i just had an idea, What if the map would be more interactive. More than it already is. Think about a map where you can destoy walls on specific strategical places like behind barron and drake pit (obviously) but also in the jungle to open new and challenging gank paths. Now as I see it these walls should not be easy to be destoy. Only specific abillities can be used on it. If basic attacks could be ussed then so much it takes away a lot of jungle and gank time. This could make it a team objective aswell. This interactive map can change jungle routes (destoy a wall behind a blue/red) change warding strategies (when a ganking route opens) and can, if you make a wrong choice, bite you in the rear end later in the game (also opens the same route for your enemy) please tell me what you think :) MrDumbbutt
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