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_**IMAGES**_ http://fav.me/d9pta6r http://fav.me/d9tn5ma _**TEXT**_ [Kcir - Abilitys and Guide](http://fav.me/d9tn1za) [Kcir - Lore](http://fav.me/d9tn5f3) _**Basic Description :**_ **Gender :** Male **Race :** Sormr **Birthplace :** Coral Depths **Residence :** Bildgewater **Occupation :** Underwater Terror **Faction :** Independant **Primary Role :** Jungle **Secondary Role :** Assassin **Secondary Bar :** Mana --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _**ABILITIES**_ _**[Passive “Dissimilar Consumption”]**_ >**1.** Kcir has a constant aura around him were all poisoned units (ally, enemy and neutral) inside it will heal Kcir for the same amount of their poison damage. >**2.** All Kcir auto-attacks over water units created by him will have a different attack animation and properties. Each auto-attack will have a longer range and a hitbox able to contain and damage multiple targets in a straight line. This new auto-auto attack can contain up to 3 enemy units at once. _**[Q “Poisonous Bite”]**_ >**Q-Active** >**1.** Kcir stretches his body and bites in a straight line. >**2.** Skill shot damage on a single target that causes poison damage over time. If he bites an already poisoned target (from whatever source) it will cause the target to release a trail of poisonous smoke from its mouth and skin much like Singed's “Poison Trail” for 4 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 6 seconds. >**3.** Each puff of poisonous smoke will have a lifetime of 2 seconds. If the target remains inside the puff of poisonous smoke the poison damage will be doubled, incentivating poisoned enemy champions to run in order to receive less damage. >**4.** If a poisoned enemy champion is releasing a trail of poisonous smoke all enemies that cross his trail will become poisoned too. _**[W “Snare”]**_ >**W-Passive** >**1.** When Kcir is walking over water he gains a movement speed boost, this is valid to all water elements created by Kcir and water elements on the map like Summoner's Rift's River, if these elements overlap the movement speed boost does not stack up. >**2.** Each water element created by Kcir has a fixed lifetime of 5 seconds. > >**W-Active-Cast1** >**1.** Kcir will dive to the ground and swim forward very fast almost underground as if he were “underwater”. >**2.** This is a point and click go to ability that has a cooldown of 15 seconds. >**3.** On hit he will headbutt on the target and cause a small area effect right in front of him with some damage. Kcir will slow down enemy movement speed and attack speed for 3 seconds after hit. If Kcir causes a hit with W-Active-Cast1 he will not be able to activate W-Active-Cast2. >**4.** Kcir will use his visibility status when he activates W-Active-Cast1 for the whole duration of the swim (if he is invisible inside a bush when he starts swimming out of the bush he will continue invisible until he resurfaces). All other abilities and W-Active-Cast2 will not share this visibility perk when W-Active-Cast1 ends. >**5.** While swimming Kcir can cancel W-Active-Cast1 at any time into another ability or into W-Active-Cast2. If Kcir cancels into another ability or allows W-Active-Cast1 to end naturally he will have still a very small time frame to activate W-Active-Cast2 after it. If Kcir is damaged during his swim he will stop all movement but will still be able to have his small time frame to activate W-Active-Cast2 if he is allowed to do so considering crowd control effects. The small time frame to cast W-Active-cast2 is of 1.0 second. >**6.** When he comes out of the swim whatever the situation he will create a water unit around him. > >**W-Active-Cast2** >**1.** Kcir will surface from “underwater” and jump out from where he is and go to the targeted location that can go over walls., but never able to go the same location he casted W-Active-Cast2. >**2.** This is a point and click go to ability and can only be cast during or immediately after W-Active-Cast1 and will have a cooldown of 15 seconds. >**3.** If Kcir is hit during the jump of W-Active-Cast2 he will not stop but will take the damage received. Crowd control can stop him momentarily. >**4.** Upon landing he damages more and will cause a larger area effect all around him where all enemies will be knocked up in the air and Kcir will have enough time to quickly auto-attack and do a single ability with animation canceling. >**5.** Upon landing he will create a water unit around him _**[E “Slash”]**_ >**E-Passive** >**1.** When Kcir uses his E ability over a water unit they will evaporate on that area into floating water particles that grants Kcir and all allied champions a shared shield that will absorb damage for a fixed amount and for a time period of 3 seconds. This shield is located on the water unit location it was created from. Kcir and allies must be on the shields location to receive the shield bonus. > >**E-Active** >**1.** Kcir makes a tail whip action for high damage and short range. >**2.** This ability is a skill shot ability and has a cooldown of 8 seconds. >**3.** When this ability connects it will push enemies in front of him and pull enemies behind him considering the chosen direction, it will not connect with enemies on the sides although it can connect onto multiple targets at once. If a enemy is airborne due to a knock-up, flying or jumping the push or pull will be greatly increased in distance making it much more likely for the enemy champion to hit on a wall and be stunned after, giving enough time to connect with a followup. _**[R "Twin Anguish"]**_ >**R-Active-Cast1** >**1.** Kcir opens his mouth channeling all the poisonous energy he has inside and shoot two energy like long spears from a ball created in his mouth. When the spears hit they will pierce through the first enemy champion and stay there until they evaporate over time or explode on command. If the spears pierce through two enemy champions when it hits, the twin spears with be separated in half, one spear for each champion. >**2.** This ability is a screen sized skill shot that goes through walls. The spears will remain on the body(s) for a fixed lifetime of 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 110 seconds. >**3.** When the spears hit they cause almost no damage. While the spears are pierced all damage dealt will be received in return by the same amount through the spears for each successful attack at the same time. If the twin spears are separated in half, the returned damage on each enemy champion will be halved in amount. >**4.** The pierced spears give sight inside fog of war and bushes for Kcir and all allied champions independant of the champions invisibility abilities. >**5.** A water unit will be created on the location of the hit. > >**R-Active-Cast2** >**1.** When the spears are attached to a enemy champion you can do a second cast that will create a energy ball in Kcir’s hand and when he crushes it the twin spears will explode at the same time causing poison and a huge amount of damage. The damage caused is greater with the amount of lifetime left on the spears. If the spears are separated the damage caused by the explosion will be halved and considering the lifetime left on the spears for each enemy champion. >**2.** When the spears explode they make a very small area effect that causes poison and damage all around them for the same amount of damage they suffer. >**3.** A water unit will be created on the location of the explosion(s). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _**[Lore]**_ Kcir was a dark creation from the Gods of the old ages to seize power and control over Runeterra before they fell in disgrace. Kcir came to be known as the world serpent in the known seas as he was all present with his swiftness. He became so powerful and fast that the Gods had to kill him themselves before he ran out of total control after he was of no more use. Thor the God of Thunder was the only one able to defeat him in battle. In a mighty combat Thor made a hit with his hammer summoning all the thunder from the skies in one blow, leaving a crest of his hammer on his chest for life. During the combat Kcir's venom killed him before Thor could deliver the final blow. He was cast inside the biggest depths in the sea and closed after as he was almost impossible to kill. Now that area is well known as the "Coral Depths" and no sailor dares to sail its waters for the fear of their lives. The legend says that the area is cursed and all living beings from human to non human will be killed if they enter the area. On occasion a ship will try it's luck and enter it but only a drifting ship comes out, and this has been as long as men recall. Because of this all sea charts marked it and many tales and legends are imagined around it mainly at Bildgewater where it stands closer too. For centuries he has been exiled under the depths of the sea but after a earthquake he was set free. Exiled he choose not to leave as he did not wish to encounter no more gods, not knowing of their demise during his imprisonment. With time the Coral Depths became one of the most poisonous places in the world as all living creatures became highly venomous too. As the water became tainted with his presence everything was poisoned allowing him to become immortal there as he drained the life energy from all creatures around him. Kcir was a creature made to be powerful by forgotten designs of Old Magic, and then betrayed by his creators. He was able to return to his former self after a century of recovery but forever marked. As he was set free swim in the sea with time he grew more powerful than before. He was afraid to adventure out from where he was exiled but killed everything inside of it in despair. Despite his fear to adventure back he could only think that all Gods should not exist and he made a oath on himself to consume all gods once he grew powerful enough. As he found a excuse to leave the Coral Depths and the knowledge where all New Gods dwell from a young Serpent Caller, he was motivated to keep his promise. His once snuffed flame grew brighter as he could not keep himself restrained no more and so he headed to the Rift seeking blood of all that dare to rise to the status of Gods with vengeance. _**[Other Champions]**_ **Monji :** http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/L9Qe7i9v-champion-concept-monji-the-nature-spirit-with-less-text **Joon :**http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/BdjABp1v-champion-concept-joon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _**OLD Concept Iteration**_ http://fav.me/d9tsp9c
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