PROJECT: Janna and Older Legendary Skins

Older Legendary Skins: There are legendary skins like Dawnbringer Riven and Dark Star Thresh, which makes the champion seem like a completely different character. Then there are legendary skins like Pulsefire Caitlyn and Super Galaxy Rumble, which enhances the champion itself instead of changing them; like if it was a second design choice for that champion. The TV trio, Primetime Draven; Dunkmaster Darius and Forecast Janna DO NOT live up to these expectations. And I know Riot is eyeing this, because Gentleman Cho'gath and Battlecast Prime Cho'gath; are both legendary skins. One of which, makes the champion seem different and the other changes it's voice. Then the ones which change nothing at all, like Invader Heimerdinger and Annie in Wonderland; seem like they're only being saved until a champion rework is in order for them. Just like how Gatekeeper Galio was. So therefore, when you read this; know that I do not count Forecast Janna as a legendary skin. PROJECT: Janna - Design wise, you'll want to imagine what is basically a black-outfitted Mercy, from Overwatch. Mostly carbon fiber, except with white highlights. A pure white highlight shows she's in a unrecognized sector than other Projects. Janna's hair will be in a ponytail, affected by normal gravity. Zephyr is a drone, instead of exploding on impact like usual; it rotates around the enemy struck like Aery, before then disappearing. Janna has a double-bladed saber, identical to Project: Yi's; which only shows itself during combat. Along with this, Janna actually _walks_. Of course, not on the ground, as that would mean editing her classic self. But she walks, in the air. And in combat, she floats normally. Passive: Janna's allies have a circular decal displayed under them when moving towards Janna. Q: Janna makes a holographic whirlwind, identical to Project: Yasuo's windwall visuals, as well as having a loading bar near it, showing how powerful it will be. W: Zephyr flies around you, "curiously." By this, I mean not only flying in circles; but sometimes to her side, below her, above her, etc. Janna addresses Zephyr as "Zenius." In this skin. E: Besides what would be a holographic shield, it also highlights the shielded ally; as well as making a resonance near the ally's weapon to indicate they have an attack boost. When used on other project skins, it highlights their weapon only. Janna's blade extends and she holds it out horizontally when shielding an ally. R: Janna's blade and Zephyr burst, spinning rapidly around the range of the ultimate. Her ponytail goes up and her suit lights up in a random color. ( Color changes each time R is casted, like how Pulsefire Caitlyn changes hats. ) Personality: Project: Janna is highly, highly, highly hateful towards Vayne. Besides that, Janna retains her lightheartedness; but completely loses her jokey undertone. First move, against Project: Vayne: "You want to shut down what has given you only but more power, Vayne. Please step away before I use brute force." Janna accepted and is grateful for being given her Project self, as she relentlessly aims to protect the city from those who want to destroy it. The G-Nectic project was, and still is being co-funded by Janna herself. You can even basically say Janna is the "Tony Stark" of Project, having almost half of all control over it; without caring about who's lives were effected. She only does this to protect, and seeks to even format the minds of those who have retain their memories. Shield, Ally Project: Katarina: "You're doing what you must, don't listen to those who say otherwise. Do I make myself clear?" "You've turned back to your creators, now we must shutdown what malfunctioned." Joke: Janna 'pets' Zenius; before it has too much fun, dropping over and exploding. Joke loops as Janna tinkers with it until Zenius is back up. "_Joking speak_ Awuh, such a good little drone... _Serious manner_ ...**Run kill code.**" "What can run a program and shut down a PROJECT? Execution, describes it best." "All my base are belong to only me." Taunt: Janna activates her saber, sliding it near her neck, and deactivates it, looking away in disgust. "Prepare to be executed, scum." Taunt, Project: Vayne: "I could erase your memory, Vayne; but you'll never remember the fun we had once I've shattered your skull." "You remember? Yet you still hunt us down instead of Evelynn." Passive, Evelynn: "You could be our best PROJECT, I must tell Ms. Thorn." "Perfect, so you two already met?" "You and me will make great partners, believe me."
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