[champion concept] gale - devourer of gods

gale was a vampire who seeks to be above all . seeking for power he devoured gods , and gained unimaginable powers. he seeks more and more power, dominance, he killed the ancient gods and drank their blood, gained power beyond all entities , and eventually the power he held wasnt containable in him, it rampaged against him sealing him from the world , until his power dries out, or indefintely. eventually raiders found a place overflowing with magic, attempting to unseal the cage , thinking there would be invaluable treasure. passive-regaining power : when ever gale attacks an enemy, he absorbs some of their strength, he gains power that stacks permanently, power also gives gale more damage on his basic attacks, 1 dmg perstack until he reaches 250 he also gains an attack speed bonus and movement speed after 250 stacks he gains 0.5 dmg per stack. reaching the stacks to 350 will evolve gales consume and will turn devour. Q-piece of mind: gale spells an enemy champion , causing it to relax for 2 seconds, relaxed champions , lose 15% of their armor and magic res, also increasing all cc durations on relaxed enemy by 20%. the spell is disabled by the first attack he gets hit by a champion, the spell doesnt stop or slow the enemy . W-excitement: gale gains increased movement speed until he's close to a champion, the attack speed then turns to attack dmg he bites the enemy and heals him equal to 50% of the damage. E-slash: gale hits enemies around him in a spiral way, enemies hit around him spill blood, the blood is collected, then either it heals him over time slowly , or turns it into a shield instantly. R-consume: gale leaps forward in a very quick succession skewering any champion infront of him, rooting them, he starts biting them ignoring all armor, stealing their health and taking 25% of it for himself, the absorbtion will last until the root ends, while gaining stacks of power depending on how many bites he gets to do(attack speed increases the number of attacks that occur in the ultimate) devour:an upgraded version of gales consume, if the targeted champion dies, gale steals 25% of all stats the enemy champion has and gets them as a bonus , lasting 20 seconds+ enemy respawn time
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