////*/*/*/ To bad Riot always makes impossible odds for something \\*\*\*\\\\

Yes it's about Worlds.... Perfect pick to get 3 skins that maybe will few people get in entire Worlds...They have Words pool in millions but they can't make odds for getting something good from game more acceptable for players..You all guys think and have mind process that they gave you chance but if you think much more about something specific now for example the Worlds perfect pick you will see that is close to a 0 odds to get it...Last year only 1 player guessed in entire World only 1 and you guys still in general think that Riot is fair.... So enjoy 2 icons for the Worlds and end of the season!!! Don't get me wrong pls i have the money to buy whatever i want it's not problem that,it's the problem how much we give to the game to support it,to enjoy the game, to support the teams ,to rise the worlds pool and they give us so little in return..I wouldn't be writing this post if they at least said that they will give 520 rp skin at the end of the Worlds for all the players for supporting them for years and years to come..... It's my personal opinion,i don't want to offend people from Riot or players who enjoy playing the game this is how i feel about the rewards and how rewards for being a hard core,dedicated and loving for the game player.. Take a calculator and check if you are good in mathematics how little chance you have to get 3 skins from Worlds. I mean i need to add that Riot is the smartest company out there i said what hurts me personally but they are!! Cheers!!!!!! https://i.ytimg.com/vi/D1ZNVm2Onog/maxresdefault.jpg
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