The TSM vs ESC Ever game shows how broken the game is currently

TSM is ahead sooo far, 2 inhibs down and Doublelift hyper-fed. They play the TP game better, have the advantage. Then, one bad call when they fight without mana, ESC wins and finishes the game. This is NOT fair. ONE fight lost. Come on.... I'm not even a TSM fan, but I felt so bad for them because it didnt feel like a fair loss. Death timers are far too long and the turrets do nothing! 45 seconds CAN NOT!!! be enough to destroy the ENTIRE midlane. Riot PLEASE! You have to see that this is not balanced or fair at all. TSM should have won this game. Just make the turrets stronger and the death timers shorter please. It would have been okay if ESC had been able to get an Inhib and dragon, but not the entire base!
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