Watching the Dive... Feels like NA hates us.

So I just watched the Dive on youtube. I really really dislike what I heard from them. It was pretty much **EU and Korea sucks atm, they team are clearly flawed** while they say **LIquid played extremely well in the finals, they had no clear weaknesses**. Then at the end they stated **I doubt NA has still has a chance of winning MSI, but we also think EU will end up last, since they neither think they will win**... The biggest part of this was how hard they were trashtalking Bwipo.. I check his twitter that he said he thought himself as superior over Soaz, without doubt I think that's a bad quote to give, but The Dive don't need to talk for 30 min about that one quote and say **FNC will get ruined, they won't come back now.** This was abolsutlely bad... First of all, FNC said clearly after the finals **We think we have a chance to win both MSI and Worlds this year**, they don't compare themselves with the NA teams that were clearly "Flawless". Also that SKT lost their tempo this year was simply cause they been underperforming and gotten very stressed after losing worlds, they can be excused since they hardly get any rest from all that impact they got. And last but not least, choosing sides and analyze professionals is completely wrong. You guys shouldn't be able to say which teams "Should" end last in MSI. You should look through the teams and give a honest opinion off which team will win, not just say **Korea has won every year, no one can beat them**.. That's waaaaay off-track. This was pretty much just a complete disrespect video towards EU's Esport. It's like they made this video back in 2012, had absolutly no idea what they were doing and trashtalked who ever they didn't like. Korea was also apart of it too... Like c'mon give SKT a break. Trashtalking those guys after being world champions for 2 years are completely stupid. ___ As a side note doe. Who do you guys think is the world's best player atm? Faker is extremely under-performing in basically everything. I would say that Rekkles is without doubt the best player of the world atm. He said after the EU finals "I didn't need to do anything my team were carrying me" even through he has the best KDA, Dmg/min of the entire world and also is the main decision maker with FNC. (I would say that Khan is 2nd but since top meta is about to show up he might become best player in the world) But Rekkles atm stands pretty much before anyone. Thinking back when I look at Rekkles Movements I see faker back in 2015. Can't be catched, almost impossible to lock down and deals damage without even trying. And then he doesn't even say he was trying when he played perfectly... That's some God-play. Faker had his time as the best player in the world. It's time for a ADC to take the spotlight.
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