Why are the CS qualifiers so boring to watch?

Hey guys, I'm just a low Gold scrub and I'd like some higher elo opinion on this matter. So I watch a lot of LCS, etc, but I've only been playing since September and this CS Qualifier is new to me. I understand that the meta and tactics differ from one tier to another, even more so when you compare soloQ to competitive, but still. There is such a big difference between watching an LCS match and these games from the CS Qualifier as there is between Gold and Challenger ranked queues imo. Why are the matches so damn long and why is there so little action? Carries spend so much time in lane or doing low risk, low reward stuff and yet LCS players would outfarm them AND make the game interesting. I would like to understand why this happens. Are they just scared of losing this chance of entering the CS? Because afaik they're more or less ranked the same as pro players in soloQ, right?
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