EU LCS - W3D1: FNC vs. S04

EU LCS - W3D1: FNC vs. S04 - Game 1
10 Highlights from EULCS2. Edited By Angel "Txileno" Olórtegui.
[EU LCS] FNC vs S04 Incridible first match of the EULCS channel 2! The level that teams are showing now is awesome and it looks like they are finally getting comfortable to the current meta!, Schalke 04 and Fnatic played really great, and with a long long 2nd game!, if you missed (and you don't wanna see the 15 mins of pause due to technical issues xD) you can watch the highlights of each game below: Game 1: Game 2: Hopes you like it! and remember the EU LCS is still ON and you can watch it: Channel 1: Channel 2:

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