A Message for G2

It's time to ditch Trick and pick up a progressive jungler. Trick is lost in an old meta and has completely lost sight of the micro game. Expect can be hit or miss, sometimes popping off, other times he barely does anything whilst his team painfully and slow-fully lose. Perkz is nearly always winning his lanes and carrying late game fights but is prone to playing too aggressively. Zven and Mithy are the most consistent players on the squad and are the 'barebones' along with Perkz and should be the only ones not considered to sub. The thing with Trick is that he's making risky plays all the time and forcing everybody else to react to him. Watching him earlier on J4 was PAINFUL. Watching his fail flash engages where he doesn't even knock up Padden, Ults for no reason and the rest of his team is miles behind him, unable to help. He tunnels way too hard and has lost complete sight of the meta game and only sees kills, just like a solo queue player. He may have been split MVP a few times but Trick is a shadow of his former self and G2 should be seriously considering getting another Jungler on-board who will have better chemistry with the team. As a high elo player it frustrates me to see Trick on such a different level from the rest of his team and at the same time I cannot possibly see how this could have happened. They have always played together and yet Trick has not grown with the team, only away from them.
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