Can NA honestly even be considered a major region at this point?

At MSI they are clearly the weakest(almost getting 3-0'd by a wildcard team, struggling to reverse sweep them, losing a game vs them again and getting stomped by other regions) and looking back at the past few years we know NA has been a bit of a joke region, always hyping up TSM/C9 as the next world champions then failing horribly to the point they only got out of group stage once in 6 seasons? So onto the point: why do wildcard teams have to play qualifiers to even enter the world championship if they are better than NA? Looking at the best NA team one can only wonder how bad the rest of NA LCS is, riot wants to keep the game competitive, why not demote NA to wildcard status and give vietnam major region status if they perform better than NA? Automatically making international tournaments better due to better teams from better regions participating.
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