Esports and Language barriers (Worlds 2019 Quarter, Semis and Finals)

[TL;DR Dont let a language barrier stop you from possibly having the best moment of your life.] When a League event tied to either worlds, or ALL-Stars comes to Europe, there is always one main question everyone asks, and that is if "the casting will be in english?", and it is almost always the case, unless it is either hosted in Spain or France. Now, the reasons why that may be, I honestly dont know, and personally, I do not care. Sure caring or not caring is completely subjective depending on who you ask, but at the end of the day, you are truly there because you want to see either your favorite team or players live in a stadium filled with people as passionate as you about League of Legends. Some poeple think that the reasons Spain and France host in their native language is due to political reasons, which could be, I personally dont know. However, I think it is due to cultural reasons, mainly because Spain has beeand n an embaresment in the world of politics (special within the European Union); As for France, who knows, Im not french. Continuing with the cultural topic... Culturally, both Spain and France are the leading countries in the world, most visited countries in 2018 in the world were Spain (2nd place with 81.8 million visitors) France (1st place with 86.9 million visitors), according to an article posted by Wild Junket ( ######The United States was 3rd place with 76million visitors and China was 4th with 60.7 million visitors If we look at these 4 countries, 3 of them (funny enough) mostly use their native language on the day to day basis, and not being able to speak said native language can be considered a handcap when travelling places. The amount of foreigners I see in Madrid who do not speak spanish is overwhelming but when I see them, they still have a blast (if they are not dying by the heat at least). And the same goes for France, leave Paris and no one will speak english to you, either because the majority lack the ability to speak it or because they dont feel like it. On a Cultural level, Spanish and French are strong, and I honestly dont see these two languages dissappear any time soon. HOWEVER, on a political level, French has more weight, spanish is simply thrown out the window. But its during those moment when English takes charge. Also, a random fun fact, ever noticed how in every single Olympic games the main two consistent languages are always English and French? (plus the host country's language of course). Suddenly having a League of Legends event in French in Paris does not sound so crazy and wierd anymore. And the same can be said for Spain, we also share the same language with "90%" of south America and Mexico ("10%" being Brazil). Spain and France are also not the only places that cast in their native tongue either, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and South Korea host in their native language. Yet when they do it, it's completely normal. Now, I completely understand that having an international event spoken in an international friendly language is most definitely a must; I was the first one that wanted to hear Deficio cast the Spring Split finals in Madrid back in 2015, and instead got some spanish casters, which at the time, I did not even know. I was bummed out and honestly quite dissappointed, but I realize that after the first game had past, I didnt pay attention to them. I would "tune back in" once or twice, but the majority of the time I had my eyes locked into the big screen talking or yelling to myself and the people around me. The same thing happened when I attended the ALL-STARS event in Barcelona, and the Summer Split Finals last year, the last thing I did was listen to the casters. It is only between games and in champ select when they "truly mattered", and when I did pay attention. So, from personal experience, let me tell you, that not being able to understand the casters is the last thing you should worry about. Some of the coolest and best moments in your life is when you are sometimes completely clueless of your surroundings and there is nothing left but to enjoy what is around you and go with the flow. That was a very cheesy and intagram like quote, but it is true. When you go out on vacation with friends or family to another country that doesn't speak your language and/or doesn't have a huge influence with the english language, you head over to some random person and hope they speak "either American/Obama? or The Queen's language/Manchester?". And when they dont, your father either tries to make some voodoo style sign language or speaks very slow. Yet that language barrier didn't stop you from enjoying that vacation. You still had fun, you still remembered that wierd person at the store trying to sell you something for twice the amount of money, and you laughed when either you or one of your parents tried to communicate with a local. And to get to the TL;DR point, if moment like that dont stop you from traveling, why should an Esports cast that will be in the countrie's host language stop you from travelling to another country? Most people that visit tend to make a full weekend oout of it and have both an Esports and Cultural vacation. Same goes for concerts. ___________ Anyway, just wanted to give you guys a perspective on the matter. Have a nice day. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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