Esports is getting very boring!

Ok, so I started playing LoL season 1, and watching pro players/tournaments season, season 5 I quit playing ranked games because of the game constant patches and meta changes, I was bored having to play different champions every 2 weeks because the developers make a champion useless in 1 patch! after Season 6 I quited normal games too and started playing less LoL, and season 7 I was just playing ARAM until they decided to change and ruin even that with a boost of superminions that became so overpowered that a whole team was barely killing them at 15 min, anyways after that I quited playing LoL completely, all I had was watching esports (NA/EU LCS, LCK and all the big championships, until today, where I decided to unsubscribe from all that and quit watching it because of the same reason of the chaning meta and patches. NA LCS looks so boring now on bo1 where all the team play so bad, they play the same 20 champions 2 months now, and the only time they change that is when riot change the patch, there is no outplays there arent any flashing plays, there aren't any aggressive players and teams. I watch pro teams play and I don't see a big difference from diamond+ games, while these guys get played to do that, they play 12+ hours a day with coaches and sh** and then you watch TSM vs Clutch game today and it was total clown fiesta. I don't understand can RIOT make the game so boring, how can they destroy their own product year by year, it is very very very boring to watch how 10 players try to farm for 20+ minutes and take 1 baron and win the game, and they even play to buff baron and elder soon too, they skill that determins a better LCS team is in some cases THE FUC**NG draft, teams losing on by not picking the champs that RIOT boosted these 2 weeks. I write all this because I realy want to know is any1 out there enjoying these games, and if so why?
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