So because G2 performs really bad at Esports does it mean that eu= Pee U?

Gosh those NA players. I watched every game of G2 and every time i saw people saying Pee u, europe is bad, NA>EU, etc etc Just why? Why does whole europe suck because they perform bad? Its not because one team is performing bad, that whole europe is bad, i know, G2 is not a great team, they had a lot of luck in the EU lcs, but still, why would you call people bad if you are probbably not even half as good as them? There will never be peace between NA and europe, but please. Some comments are just so awfull. G2 is playing bad, and isn't a good team, they had a lot of luck, but still, trie to respect each other in these amazing events. Those events are ment to bring people togheter, from Eu, Na, China, Korea, etc. To make us feel like 1 big community. But why you gotta ruin it by saying those things? PS: Sorry for my bad english ;)
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