List of plays named after players / teams

Inspired by this: What other plays do you know which are named after players or maybe teams? I can think of the following: Players: The sOAZ Escape: Teleporting out of a deadly situation Hachani Facecheck: Giving up a free kill by needlessly facechecking a brush Flame Horizon: getting 100 cs over the enemy laner Tribute to YellowStar: completely whiffing your entire support combo (after his famous Leona play) Teams: The Ozone Ward: Early Game lane ward between Tier 2+3 towers to check for laneswaps (Samsung Ozone did that first at S3 Worlds - in the current meta evolved to the known 3-ward-pattern to also cover jungle paths) Fnatic Deathbrush: Hiding in a brush and wait to assassinate an enemy (also from S3 Worlds)
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