Scam Pass

There was a reason why i tell friends and folks that Dota2 is a scam with their "pass" to get loot and pay off the win stach for the world games. Riot is dangerously close to the same with this frankly bullshit, not only is this like "PLAY PLAY PLAY and PLAY SOME MORE! "_and please buy a loot-box on the road" on top of that, there apparently isn't a hallows end event this year? just loot for the pass? because PLAY PLAY AND PLAY, well, let me ask this now, what i don´t care to watch this year's worlds even just to see Faker cry like a little %%%%% "again" and just wonna play the game? whats for me that doesn't want to shell out this much for the pass? is this a free to play game? or a platform where i have to "BUY" the events now to have anything out of it?
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