SKT isn't appreciated?

Hey guys, First of all, I'm a huge SKT fan so this may be biased. I've been reading a lot of posts that hate on SKT for winning as much as they do. I never got what the difference is between SKT winning or TSM for example. I just want to see great league of legends teams play. I'm also a person that loves watching stomps weirdly. I think you learn a lot about how to close out pro games in 30 minutes while watching SKT. So this post goes to all those ,,SKT wins again" dudes. How is watching SKT boring? P.S.: Don't come with:,,You know the game result before it starts, cuz you know that's bullshit if you watched their regular season games. Thanks for clicking on this threat and for giving a comment. Tell me what you think! It's a very important topic for the future fanbasexof our tripple world champion. Also take part in the poll below, please
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