Hi, we're a two makers developing an app to follow LoL Esports

‎Chronobreak is an eSports calendar of the European LEC league of League of Legends. SCHEDULE Check the date and time of the next matches. You can follow your favourite LEC teams with your phone in your timezone. HIGHLIGHT VIDEOS Tapping on a past matc
Fellow summoners, we are a *Programmer* & *UX/UI Designer* maker duo. We are currently developing **Chronobreak**, a free iOS app to easily follow the **League of Legends competitive scene**. We launched our first version on Valentine's day. Tomorrow we're releasing a new version of the LEC standings. We are ready to make the first public announcement! 🚀 > If you can't download the app, here are some screenshots of the [schedule](https://imgur.com/a/GZHm0CQ) and the [standings](https://imgur.com/a/foBFYju). Please share your thoughts! **Current features** 📅 Schedule. 🎞 Quick link to highlight videos of past matches. 🔴 Quick link to live stream of the live games. 🏆 Game results of the past matches. **Features coming up tomorrow** 📊 Standings. (position, win-rate, wins, losses and position changes compared to the previous week). 🔵 Indicator for the upcoming/current week and match to be played. _All these features are only for LEC. LCS will be released next week._ > Our main intention for this post is to gather **feedback** from you. We started doing this app because we have LoL as a shared passion. We want to be more close to the community and design the app not only for us but also for you. **We would be very grateful if you** 📱 Give the app a try on the AppStore and **share** your **thoughts** with us. 🌱 **Join** the **beta testers** private group where you can try the new features before the release. We just need your email and you to tell us your iPhone model. 🐦 **Stay tunned**, check our roadmap and ask for new features in our subreddit [/r/chronobreakapp](https://www.reddit.com/r/chronobreakapp).
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