Worlds today. CONGRATULATIONS G2!!!

This community is going down the river even more than i ever thought will be(NOT EVEN ONE POST ABOUT WORLDS). Forget about the team you support, is time for the ASIAN dynasty to collapse as history was showing up,** NO dynasty will reign forever**. CHEER UP for G2 and lets hope Fnatic will do a nice game too. I remember few seasons back when EUW teams were supported on this forums and long time praised. \o/ Fnatic, M5, SK, EG I remember discussions, short movies or IQ plays..etc..Nothing like that, all i see is people moaning about how broken are some good they are and how shit others are. All i see is, unban me, i unfairly got banned etc.. Guys, pull your pants up, play and support this community by constructive Topics/Posts and probably others will follow your example. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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