Thoughts regarding the timing of Jatt's announcement

So Jatt just announced on The Dive that he will transition to the Live Balance Team and therefore no longer be on the Analyst Desk. I watched week 1 of NA LCS (or just LCS now) with Hai and MarkZ on the desk, no problem with that, Hai is great, he was one of my favorite players and I love him on the analyst desk. But not a single word to the whereabouts of Jatt. Previously when someone was missing like when Phreak jumped in on The Dive or whatever they always said yeah Kobe is out this week due to sickness or whatever reason. I just found it odd, didn't think more of it at first though. But then they did the predictions and Hai had a season total so I guessed he'd be there for at least the whole spring split. Hmm I thought, will they have three analysts from now on? Again, not a single word about Hai joining the desk or Jatt leaving. They could at least have said that Hai is gonna stay. At that point I went to reddit to look whether anyone had said anything about Jatt but nothing there. I checked his twitter and his last entry was from like 2018. I got a little worried. After day 1 had concluded I went back to reddit and there was a thread Where is Jatt? - someone had to know something, right? Some random guy said he was out sick which sounded plausible but why would Hai then stay for the whole split? Was he so sick he could not come back within 1-2 weeks? I was seriously concerned about his well-being at that point. Now everything is clear with The Dive. Four days later. Couldn't they have made that announcement on the last episode of The Dive or something? Or what I would've done, have him on the analyst desk and then some fake argument with Dash/Mark and Jatt runs out, Dash calls Hai on the phone and here we have our new analyst. Have the crowd hanging for a day and with LCS Tonight coming to close out the week have a Jatt special with that video they did and people giving him farewell and Riv/Dash holding a speech and giving him some gift or something. I just had found it better if they had said anything either before, during or briefly after the opening day of LCS so that people wouldn't be left in the dark possibly concerned about his well-being and all... Either way, I'm glad he's ok and wish him all the best for the future, great analyst and I will miss him. Btw still no official word whether Hai is staying or they do some rotation but from the context given I guess Hai is there to stay for at least the spring split. He's a good replacement, good job on that one!
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