Frosk and Deficio painting G2 as favorites, wtf

Like what? They actually predicted G2 to win against IG and therefore painted them as favorites as in G2 are expected to win against IG. Looks like they were afraid of reddit idiots calling for their heads in case G2 managed to make two of the greatest upsets of all time happen within a week. Everyone with their mind at the right place would predict IG winning this as everyone correctly predicted RNG to win against G2. You can't expect the greatest upset of history to happen, the massive underdog is not the favorite. This semifinal went as expected, IG easy 3-0. But if you go by Frosk and Deficio you'd have to say it's a massive upset because G2 were the favorites, lol. Two of the best analysts in the world nevertheless. I expected better especially from these two, they can explain what's going on so very well normally.
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