TFT Tournaments starting in 2020

Hello. Some of you might know me, I was master rank Season 1, played only my own builds - never meta builds, never watched any guides / streams. Took me 1100 matches to get to master. Also got some Esports background including European Championship on different games. But asides that lets get to the point - Esports: Tournaments on TFT. Could Riot give us some info about upcoming TFT Esports scene? We know TFT's having alot of "Twitch Rivals" tournaments already, but they're only available to _streamers_. We demand the 2020 tournaments will be available to **everyone** OR atleast to high-ranked players. There should be qualifiers available to thousands of people online. For example Hearthstone has qualifiers every week or so **open to everyone** only the best of the best will make it to the main tournament. This will give everyone who is interested in TFT Esports - Motivation. We keep grinding and training to get better, as we would know there will be tournaments that **WE** can participate in. Some people even quit their jobs to have more time training TFT. Tournaments should be Online and Offline. Online tournaments with smaller prizes, but people would be able to make their money from online if they can't travel for offline tournaments. It will be super success for Riot and TFT to make Online tournaments available for everyone. People will keep competing even if they keep losing. **Its fun.** It will bring lots of viewers for the game too! Waiting for Riot response. Best regards, Dual (CEO @ PP)
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