Sjokz and Dash

I think they are both wonderful hosts. Now, I have noticed that during international events Dash always gets the host job and Sjokz is relegated to interview duty. I am asking why that is? I mean, why don't they split the time like you could give Sjokz the MSI and Dash does Worlds and next year Dash does MSI and Sjokz does Worlds or whatever. Or they swap around like the casters, week 1 of Worlds groups goes to Sjokz, week 2 goes to Dash, quarterfinals to Sjokz, semis to Dash, you know? Yeah I know, Sjokz apparently hosted the MSI Play-In stage which nobody cares about. It's like the 2nd league, ya know? The best people like Jatt, Kobe and Deficio are still sitting at home, worse casters get to show themselves a little, get some experience... when did Sjokz host a big event except EU LCS last time? Always Dash gets the job it seems. Don't get me wrong, I think Dash is great, he's a wonderful host. But I don't think Sjokz is worse, she's equally good. I can only think of two reasons why you would take Dash over Sjokz every time: a) There are more NA fans than EU fans so NA Dash appeals to more fans, that's why they take him. But come on, Deficio and Quickshot get to cast important international games too, Froskurinn is on the analyst desk etc, there are people from other regions than NA... b) Sjokz is the better interviewer so she needs to be there and can't be the host. Well I mean, what can you do wrong in these short post match interviews, other people do that just fine during LCS like Ovilee and whatever that new French girl in Europe is called. Which brings me to b2) the sexist version. The interviewer has to be a woman and the host has to be a man. Unless the woman is so much more better than the man and Sjokz isn't better than Dash 'cause they're both awesome. Could there be something to it? Or does Riot just think Dash is better than Sjokz?
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