So, Immortals

Been watching the NA LCS since week one (I normally prefer the EU LCS, but so far this season, it has been somewhat lackluster). I have to say I'm seriously impressed by Immortals this split, WildTurtle has been one of my favourite ADC's to watch throughout all the regions that play league professionally, and it is nice to see him finally back to his old ways after a somewhat mediocre performance in TSM last summer, you could tell he wasn't enjoying the game as much and it is nice to see that spark back. Huni, not much to say about this guy, other than he is incredibly fun to watch, I don't really need to say much as his perfomance on the rift speaks louder than words could. The other guys (Reignover, Pobelter and Adrian), again are all very skilled individually and it is nice to see them mesh so well into this team. Looking at the state of the NA LCS as it is (Immortals destroying everyone, Renegades underperforming), I wanna ask, who do you think stands to take the No1 spot at the end of the split? Can anyone pressure Immortals enough to actually take a game off them? and if so who? Wanna hear other peoples opinions on this, chat away!
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