100T's decision to sub in Rikara for Cody Sun has to be one of the worst decisions ever

So in the NA LCS semifinal against Team Liquid, 100 Thieves decided to bench their adc Cody Sun for rookie player Rikara from their Academy team, to "throw TL off guard" and because historically TL adc Doublelift has dominated Cody Sun in lane and teamfights. At first glance that might be a good decision but it is not and let me tell you why. Despite Cody Sun consistently losing against Doublelift he is still not a bad adc, it's just that Doublelift is (probably) the MVP of the season and in general just the best adc of NA by far. In fact, 100T played around Cody Sun in the regular season, he often was their main carry who they gave resources too, he is not a bad player. Rikara on the other hand has never played on the LCS stage before and he's not some prodigy like Hans Sama who you have heard of before either. He's just a regular Challenger adc and you put that guy against Doublelift in his first ever game on stage? In the semifinal of the LCS? And what does he play? The bot lane mages he could and Cody can't? No, he plays Xayah and Kai'Sa. Like please, Cody Sun can do that better. Jhin and Miss Fortune, okay, not the Cody champions I think of but he failed miserably on them too. Nothing against Rikara, I'm not blaming him, it's just a challenger player against NA's greatest adc of all time, what do you expect? Doublelift put out numbers against Rikara like he never did against Cody Sun. Yeah, he dominated Cody historically but he dumpstered Rikara in this series. Over +30 CSD@15, come on, give that guy a break. As for the overall strategy of 100T to play around their star top laner Ssumday instead of an adc central game, they did that in game one with Ssumday dominating on Gangplank and won and continued to put Ssumday on tanks and lost afterwards. And even if Cody Sun is being the focus of the team normally I bet he is able to give up resources to Ssumday if he's been told so. If not, that's a huge flaw in his game which should have been addressed ages ago. To not even have Cody Sun on sight, what were you doing? You clearly saw Rikara gets dumpstered right away, he should have been subbed out immediately after game 2. And what was that strategy? Look at game 4. Cho'Gath, Sejuani, Braum, Malzahar, that's a protect the adc comp. Kai'Sa for Rikara. This is a joke, right? That's your regular Cody Sun composition with a worse player subbing in for him. I really like prolly and think he's a great coach (loved his H2K times) but that was a disgrace of tactical behaviour. Yes, Team Liquid were favorited to win but they gifted it over by not playing their perfectly decent adc player and by again not playing around their best player in Ssumday. What do you think?
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