[MSI 2016 Final] CLG vs SKT T1

[MSI 2016 Final] CLG vs SKT T1
1 Highlights from Riot Games. Edited By Angel "Txileno" Olórtegui.
[MSI 2016 Final] CLG vs SKT T1 And we have a new MSI champion!!. If you missed the series check out this highlights below: ================================= Game 1: http://themoment.tv/playlist/2269 Game 2: http://themoment.tv/playlist/2275 Game 3: http://themoment.tv/playlist/2279 ================================= Fun games but not competitives, even when CLG tryed their best, they were unable to compete against SKT T1 In Game 1 and 2 played with the sames bans/picks was something, just that, something, even when CLG played better in game 2 they couldn't take the game. Game 3 was like the first badPlay by CLG... They decided to play a 1 3 1 teamComp trying to protect with everything Stixxay, yet Darshan canceled his TP letting SKT take the lead and after that, the team leaved Stixxay to get killed by SKT oO!!, well I guess at least they tryed hehehehe
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