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Hello, I wanted to just start a thread to see what people thought about the teams going at worlds. Currently we only know for sure that these following teams are going to worlds: LCK: Rox tigers for winning the summer split SKT T1 On split points LMS: Flash Wolves for winning the summer split LPL: RNG (On points if they do not win) NA LCS: None EU LCS: G2 On points (if they do not win the split) IWC: None (unsure how that works, sorry) What Are your personal predictions on teams going to worlds this year and why? I will personally Say SSG will be the last team in the LCK to qualify for worlds, as they have shown throughout the summer split they can beat KT. Although their performance at playoffs was bad, I think that if they pick up to where they were in the split they will crush any other team remaining. In the LMS I see J-team going to worlds after beating AHQ in a close series. For the LPL EDG has shown twice they can crush RNG, no reason for it to stop now. With EDG winning first seed and RNG second seed, the third will be hard to pick (possibly the hardest in all regions) I see team World-Elite as being the best to take third seed, but in all honesty they will probably be the worst team out of all the teams from the main regions. For the NA LCS, I think that Cloud 9, despite a good split and playoffs, will lose to TSM, giving TSM first seed and CLG the second seed via points. Then, Immortal will take third seed, with the strength they have shown in the spring and summer split. In the EU LCS, G2 who has been dominant the entire year will continue, beating Splyce. H2K will take second seed as, although good, UOL have nothing to beat H2K, thus giving H2K the points needed to go to worlds. Splyce will then be the third seed, which I see beating fnatic at the final of the gauntlet. What are your opinions? Do you think I am wrong? Feel free to give your opinions and tell me if you think my predictions are completely off!
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