All Stars Event (1vs1)

I really think that** Riot** should put **1vs1** and **2vs2** or only 1vs1 **back in the game**, some years ago they created the s**nowdown showdown** wich was for me the best event (better than urf, at least the all random one. What I mean is like, we can see Pros Play 1vs1, and so it's something that the comunity likes and some of us even sometimes tilt because we get a bad team, expecially in low elo, and a 1vs1 would be great to untilt. League is a teamwork game but still nice the idea of 1vs1 on the howling abyss. Even **creating a ranked mode** for that would be nice as Riot took 3x3 from us, and to be honest, some people like me dont like that much tft. I would really like Riot to consider putting 1vs1 back in league, yeah I know that we can create a custom game, but we dont win anything from that, at least we would win XP (and LP if ranked was created). I beliave that a lot of people would like to Riot to bring it back.

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