Why I dislike the new condensed Worlds format

From 2014-2017 I used to watch pretty much every game of the World Championship except for the odd Wildcard match. As I neither have the time nor the desire to watch six hours of League per day I quickly switched from the live broadcast over to spoiler-free VODs - no problem because there were week-long breaks inbetween group stage and between groups and quarter finals and then again between quarters and semis. So when let's say week 1 of groups ended on a Sunday I'd finish watching the games on Wednesday or Thursday and week 2 would only start on next Monday. It's impossible to keep up with the new format now. And then there's other interesting content too. Narrative Wake, The Dive, Thorin & Loco vs Worlds, Hotline League, Travis' interviews, content from Kelsey Moser and even the Analyst Desk segments between games and the Worlds Countdown and Cooldown, how am I supposed to watch all that when there's zero breaks? In earlier years I could just watch the games, be 4 days late behind live, then watch Summoning Insight and some interviews within 2 days and still had a League-free day before the next game came along. Additionally this year I had to take a week-long business trip after having watched only like 10 games of groups. I knew that there was no week 2 anymore so I was already pissed and I gave up on watching all the games and read the post game threads on reddit and listened to Thorin's content while falling asleep in the evening. I came back home today and thought to myself ok great, groups just ended, I can recap the most important groups games like Fnatic vs IG with LS' speed VOD reviews and I can watch the new Narrative Wake episode and The Dive and Thorin and Loco's predictions on the first quarterfinal which is like 7 hours of content and get ready for the quarterfinals. Silly me, I forgot there's almost no break between groups and QF either in 2018. As I am writing the second quarterfinal has already concluded, I have possibly 10 more hours ahead of myself to get back to live. Guys, I have to work and I have a private life, I can't watch six hours of Worlds per day, what's the target audience here? 10th grade pupils in their autumn holidays with no friends or what? And yes, I need to know what happened before to get hyped. Watching KT vs IG without having watched their groups games is like watching Game of Thrones Season 6 without having watched Season 4-5. I want to make myself an opinion on how the teams stack up, how good is Rookie vs Ucal gonna be etc? How can I judge if I have only seen Ucal vs Pobelter? Bring back 2014-2017 format pls.
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