NEW CLASH MODE - Need A Support!?

Hey all, If there are any teams around that are looking to play in the new CLASH mode but don't have a support I would love to fill the role. I'm more than happy to play a few games first to see if I'm a fit and if not that's cool. Also, if you have an existing support but need a sub I would also be interested in filling this role. Thanks for reading and if you could bump this it would be great.. obviously the more its at the top the more chance I have of finding a team :) Silver 2/3 in every season but rarely play ranked (didn't grind, max 40 games a season) (**English Speaking**) **Support Champs: ** - _Braum_ - _Leona_ - _Janna_ - _Rakan_ - _Lulu_ - _Thresh_ - _and more _ **Second Role Jung:** - _J4_ - _Nocturne _ **Third Role Mid:** - _Corki_ - _Malz_ - _Annie_ - _Ekko_ - _Lulu_
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