EU completely effed by Riot?

Am i the only one thinking this after seeing the recent changes? The NA LCS got massive changes far ahead of the season that attracted a lot of big budget teams(even 3 of the best eu teams applied for a spot). It recently started tearing eu teams apart(G2 has all but dessolved with Zven and Mithy going to NA aswell). And what are the things we know happening in EU? Well Riot plans to fracture EU LCS into 4 smaller leagues while putting massive amounts of money into the prepaid spots for the NA LCS(where they control what teams play). What the shit is this? H2K is contemplating leaving league because of Riots vagueness. Seems like Riot wants EU to be an NA feeding ground and the EU LCS to be like challenger is today basicly just being able to take the best players from low budget EU LCS teams to constnatly make NA stronger. I've been a long time fan of LolEsport but i'm seriously thinking about an actual boycott because of this
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