Tank meta is LITERALLY the most boring meta to watch in pro play.

What happened with the meta? It's as if they're making sure assassins aren't coming back to pro play and all we'll be looking at for years to come are tanks, tanks as far as the eyes can see... Every game for the last split has had 3 tanks on at least one of the teams. Assassins are GONE. Zed, Talon, Leblanc, Fizz. We haven't seen Zed being viable in pro play since season 4... 4 years later, Sejuani, Tahm Kench, Skarner, Ornn, Sion, Trundle... yay... tanks... -.- LITERALLY the most boring meta to watch. Edit: They almost completely exterminated skirmishers from pro play, it's all about 5 on 5 teamfights now, nothing else.

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