Can we talk about who really lost tsm the matches?

i saw (on na and eu boards) ppl like "bjergsen should retire" "sven is a horrible jungler" "omg yellowstar go back to eu" but why does noone talk about the person who really lost them the games? hauntzer on fiora. now i dare you: rewatch the games and keep an eye on hauntzers manapool IN EVERY TEAM FIGHT!! he uses his w to poke enemys! LOOK AT THIS!!! all 5 are on graves, bjergsen ulted him, 2 of EVER are in the bot lane and hauntzer (almost oom) USES HIS W!!! WHY THIS GRAVES IS DEAD NO MATTER WHAT!!! when the teamfight starts he is at 100-300 mana. he uses w q and is oom and just autoattacking. THIS HAPPENS EVERY GAME HE IS ON FIORA!!! this is a screen of hauntzers and doublelifts mana pool after they got graves and turned the fight (that didnt start yet) into a 5v4. BOTH ARE USELESS IN THE NEXT TEAMFIGHT THEY HAVE NO MANA!!! look at the tsm vs ever game which tsm lost in a 5v4!!! with 10K LEAD!!!!!!!!!!! he pressed w q and thats it. he wasnt even able to ult, all he did was autoattacking and dying. i know a lot of tsm fans are blind and tsm never does something wrong blabla... but seriously HOW CAN NOBODY SEE THAT HAUNTZER JUST WASTES HIS SKILLS AND GOES INTO THE FIGHT WITH ALMOST NO MANA??? HE CANT EVEN ULT IN MOST OF THE FIGHTS!!! i dont get why noone blames hauntzer seriously. you know what team is known for comebacks when they are 10k behind? skt. thats it. because comebacks when the enemy team has 10k gold lead are ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE and when you manage to lose a 5v4 with 10k lead... there is the whole team to blame yea. but there is also a reason why. and that reason was hauntzers fiora plays (and doublelifts ez) ps: you can also check doublelifts mana as ezreal. with a {{item:3042}} you dont deal much dmg when you have under 300 mana left... also sven was at ~600 health when they started the fight. no idea why they didnt just run away.
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