TSM performance was so bad, nobody can joke about it

From the very comp selection it became clear that, Dyrus was going to get Lane bullied ''Something'' we all expected... Meanwhile Bjergsen Gets placed on ''Leblanc'' Interesting choice, Since her Impact late game in team fights is so minimal compared to Azir or Viktor picks.. Why do you put bjerg on a Non-Scaling assasin, if your pushing the game till Very Late game.. were they planning to watch Kogmaw - darius - Azir slowly outscale them ? even Reksai's late game is nice, with really beefy tanky stats.. Meanwhile alistar always good. So aside from Bjergs ''Non-late game'' champ.. the Only Option remaining was Wildturtle.. Who got caught near the baron pit and had to Pop his Ult TO escape before a Teamfight, which literally decided it. but then It got worst Darius gets a 2k Lead, ahead of Olaf, the entire game and it only grew. Dyrus got caught in a easily prevented first blood ''by now someone would suspect hes the main target'' Then TSM just starts a Baron, While All 5 KT are still up.. This was a Death sentence.. They took the Kills + baron.. To make it worst they then Try to contest a Dragon while being TONS of GOLD behind, resulting in another wipe. To make matters even Worse.. Bjergsen decides to Unload all his cooldowns on a Alistar, before the team fights.. rendering Leblanc useless.. in the Next Teamfight it was Wildturtle that blew his Ult before the fight. TSM is at a Terrible crossing points.. Its not even the mechanics hurting them.. Team comp was garbage and the Decisions were even more horrible. Quite disappointed with that game, Anyway off to the origin game lets hope for better.
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