Valanth's League - Iron to Platinum Tournaments! (Also taking on Content Creators & Casters)

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##**[Valanth's League \(VL\)](** _____________ #####***Who are we?*** We are a team of incredibly dedicated staff including streamers, casters and content creators who endeavor to provide amazing experiences for players looking to play in a competitive environment at their own skill levels. We provide tournaments for players from Iron IV all the way through to Platinum I! #####***Why pick VL?*** We have several years of experience now in providing a top tier experience for amateur players looking for something more in competitive League of Legends. We've only recently finished our 3rd successful split here at VL which means this is the perfect time for players to jump in to find teams, scrims or more! Finally, we have just completed a hugely successful merge with another organization called Focus Esports - They now exclusively run their operations in NA and we run exclusively here in the EU. For anyone interested in NA head over to Focus! (Linked below) _____________ [*Valanth's League - The leading EUW LoL Tournament Provider.*]( [*Focus Esports - The leading NA LoL Tournament Provider.*]( _____________ ####***We're currently recruiting creative types & casters!*** We are looking for people with an interest in creation - whether it be video editing, fanart creation, casting, writing articles or doing podcasts etc. Whatever talent you may have, we can find a use for it. Contact: Nyx#5723 on Discord or ask in the server! ###**TLDR - We host tournaments for Iron to Plat players here in EUW, also scrims and 4fun LoL!**

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