Server Merge

Hello fellow Summoners {{champion:266}} I had this urge to talk about this since the server got separated back in the old days, and now I just think that Riot can handle the EUW and EUNE being together again. Its just so bad at this moment, EUW people think that EUNE is trash, and vice versa. I do play on both servers and i see no difference in skill level or playstyle much. EUNE At the moment lacks diversity of players... since each game falls into almost the same ending... blaming one player whose country is much less known for being bad. If i could get Red feedback on this, i would be grateful... So what do you think? pros cons? In my opinion its pro- no necessity to create additional account to exp, and grind again... we could be able to play with friends from both servers without making to choose different account, E-Sports would have more contestants too. Just sayin'... :D Thanks for attention. Continue your day with the loss of your 2 minutes of life {{champion:26}}
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