[MSI 2016 Semifinal 2] CLG vs FW

[MSI 2016 Semifinal 2] CLG vs FW
1 Highlights from Riot Games. Edited By Angel "Txileno" Olórtegui.
Game 1 and 2 was too much one side, but to be able to see Sona in game 3 and 4, I'm quite sure more than one found that awesome! after so many many competitive games without her If you missed the game check out this highlights below: ================================= Game 1: http://themoment.tv/playlist/2250 game 2: http://themoment.tv/playlist/2251 Game 3: http://themoment.tv/playlist/2252 Game 4: http://themoment.tv/playlist/2253 ================================= Angel "[Txileno](https://www.facebook.com/TxilenoLAN)" Salas Olórtegui

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