Why losing interest in League of Legends esports.

So, I did just complete a survey from Riot about Esports and staff and I was never asked if I lose my interest in esports and why, while I think it was an important question. So yes, I lose my interest and slowly with the years I watch less and less. Why? Because I am sick of seeing Korea win. Personally I play LoL from season 1, I watch esports since M5(Moscow 5)(Season 2) they are the team that made me want to watch Esports, I am from EU/Greece, I watch Esports 6 years now, I am fan of TSM for the last 4 years(because of Bjerg and some other players and the goal to win Worlds), I prefer to watch NA LCS/LCK than EU. I lost interest playing the game few years ago due to the toxic community and the time that it consumes for few points that next game someone throws them because he wanted to troll/leave/feed. Anyway I think I will give NA LCS this year a last chance due to the franchise but I doubt there will be any results.
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