[MSI 2016 Semifinal 1] RNG vs SKT T1

So, how was this first semifinal for you guys?!, at start everything looked like it was going to be equal, but finishing the 4th game, with a PERFECT GAME! and the Mejai's in the 3rd game xD... "it's not about the mejai's it's about sending a message" Highlights of each game of this first semi final! ============================================================= Game 1: http://themoment.tv/playlist/2233 Game 2: http://themoment.tv/playlist/2235 Game 3: http://themoment.tv/playlist/2237 Game 4: http://themoment.tv/playlist/2238/ ============================================================= Angel "[Txileno](https://www.facebook.com/TxilenoLAN/)" Salas Olórtegui
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