So, the Immortals fall (For one game at least lol)

So, ended up watching the Immortals vs CLG game, and have to say very well played to CLG, Darshan is an absolute monster in the top lane. Outside of CLG playing very well though, I feel that for the past few week Immortals have been kind of defeating themselves in the draft phase. Sure, if it isn't broken don't fix it, Soraka, Lux, Quinn all being staple picks for them, heals and shields proving too strong for the most part. With the loss now though, do you guys think a break in the armour has been exposed? We know Huni can play just about anything, he has proved that over multiple games, but as for the rest of the team, what new things can they pull from their champ pool? Going to be interesting to see tomorrows game, see what they change up in their playstyle. Any immortals fan out there have anything to say on this, or what would people like to see. I personally think that may be the only game they drop for the rest of the split, but as with any team, anything can happen and now the 2-4th place teams will be snapping at their ankle looking to play offs
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