When did LCS become chess ?

First of - i completely get it, when you put your time, will resources into something, when you are making a living by doing it- you don't want and screw ups or unnecessary risks. When we take that on side - the story begins. Even though it IS technically a job, professional gaming is in grey zone. Nobody expects out of you to be suicidal bronze level clown to appeal to childish masses, but on the other hand you aren't an accountant, surroundings demand certain level of diversity and activity. Yes, pro gamers do get their payment from sponsors as well as Riot - but if we look to the much larger picture, all of the revenue comes, in the long terms, from all of us (millions of average players). If these guys end up in that 0,1% that are selected for the bigger scene, they must accept that they are role models to us. The issue that comes is, in the composition and "meta". With what they show...in what way are "pros" above us ? Primarily talking about EU/NA. What are called "outplays", "pocket picks", "signature moves" are severaly lacking now. How can you convince me that a pro is better then average diamond player, after 10 in a row Sivir/Ashe games on big scene ? Getting something drilled in your head with all resources provided is by no means...skill. It is having resources given, to practice something really good. Nothing more. I can safely say that if you would release me from collage, provide me support and give me cash for it- i can play a champion as good as any pro, in given time. Skill - in my interpretation, is that special, reflex, special feel - a visionary look into the game that is followed. YOU create meta, as you are the role model. WE adapt, not you. That type of skill is what Koreans posses. Love for the game, and look into it that allows them to inovate. "Hmm his clear is good, ganking as well, damage is decent - why dont i set the trend of rumble jungle?" You have all provided around you to make it interesting for all of us, and create new things. It is something that you should be obliged to. Instead we get, 40+ minutes of "brilliant rotations" and "tactical play" with the final score 5-3, with the casters kraygasming "how brilliant it was". No..no it wasnt. It was pure crap. Tactical behaviour and coordination is something developed through time, resources and good surrounding- it is not skill, its simple drilling. Something not to be apraised but expected at that level. To conclude it, i would like to say, that i never will or should expect 70+ minute games with 80 kills, tower dives and random rants and suicides...that remains for our personal pleasure. But at least...have some dignity to show off why you were "the chosen ones", at least bother to proprely justify why we look up to you, and provide us some entertainment, into what is in a first place...a game.
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