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TSM is bootcamping in Shanghai starting December 7th Late Saturday night, TSM announced that they will be traveling to Shanghai to bootcamp this December. TSM isn't going to Korea this year, they're visiting the home of the LPL and back to back World Championship Titles. Learn more here:
like holy have you guys seen the off-season transfers and the amount of money offerings I think the biggest one is the Huni contract with Dignitas but aside from hat even the old support Vulcan from clutch got a offer then the support swap between Tsm and Clg and at least 20 more articles on the link I added from invenglobal when I thought that we had our share of changes Europe jumped on it too, Kobbe and Broxah leaving to NA then we get to Fnatic taking in the rookie of last year selfmade on top of it changing their coach too the 6* general going to excel, I don't know if it is confirmed that mithy, old support off OG, is the new coach of Fnc, and talking about Origen making changes in 3/5 roles they have with Mammoth support, Upset from S04 and Xerce from Splyce. Splyce changing to Mad lions, rogue taking in Hans-sama from Misfits. Forg1ven returning like this is the first year I follow Esports to the bone but holy so many transfers it's actually insane {{sticker:sg-kiko}} {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}

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