Who is your favorite team?

I don't have mean strongest for you or in worlds 2018, or only in EU LCS. I mean like players from your country,humor, specific playstyle even if it doesn't work and others. I made that discussion because in LCS the questions are like "which team is stronger for you?", sometimes you know one team is better than your favorite team. Just answer with comment: Name of the team, because you write your reasons. For these which answer with EXACTLY the same thing which i wrote on the previous sentence- Tell me when you are 10 years old. For these which answer with "but who is you favorite team"- Misfits from the first game i watched them,because Sencux has his own meta, Hans Sama because he almost didn't played mages or fighters or assassins on bot in patch where these type of champions were strong, and he was wining anyway and they know how to work together. But i also hate this team a little, because these guys are always so close to the win and then just lose everything.
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