More games in Worlds next year maybe also in MSI?

I anticipated so many things from this worlds. Rise of SKT T1, Griffin finally in worlds, Damwon Glory road, Rise of west G2, Fnatic and team liquid. RNG's return to world stage, The only thing I thought was good this worlds was hyped group stage ending and Rise of FPX. It was just not enough. Not enough game even though there were good moments in the tournaments Elimination games in groups, Hype Knockout stages games and hyped finals but tournament just felt so small we didn't get to see more of these teams RNG only played 6 games, Fnatic only played 10, Griffin 10 games after 2 years of build up like the most games played by maybe G2 17????? So much gap between groups and knockouts could have been filled if groups was best of threes of there was a loser bracket. Change the format of worlds more games for teams please.

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