My dream becoming a pro player

Hello guys the reason is why i want to became a pro player is i was playing league since 2013 and after those years i was really enjoying the game and i was so happy my life before league was boring and depressing other kids in school were laughing me out cuz i was like not them but i had good grades and still having good grades i had only one friend in the class cuz he understood my pain so i was introduced league by my cousin when i saw him playing many people told me that league is a stupid game but on the next day i tried league and i was deeply charmed by it like ahri does when she use her E on you and you can see her in the underwear haha :D well my first rank placement was Silver IV and i playd ADC and Toplane mostly {{champion:22}} and {{champion:23}} but that was back in season 3 well i played mostly SoloQ and sometimes duoQ with my only classmate but we had good times and was fun but when i continued rankeds i deranked to Silver V but i made a big mistake playing nonstop normals like a idiot only normals cuz i was a bit unlucky in rankeds but a tried my best so i decided to play normals for some time and that time was 5 years :/ yes you heard that good 5 years of playing normals like an idiot but what ever after those years i learned a lot in laning phase roaming farming micro macro game etc. oh i forgot to tell you something about myself and whats my situation in league now well my name is Johnny im 15 years old and I am from Slovakia my current Rank is Platinum V and i will turn 16 on 10th January 2019 so yes as i said back than i used to play mostly ADC and Toplane now im playing a lot of the midlaner i play mostly ap like : {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:50}} when i play ad i play this {{champion:91}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} i forgot to say you that i main Zed 500k points only oh and how much daily i play league ? now its about 8 hours per day cuz i have my own PC so thats good back than i we had 1 pc with my cousin and we had to share the PC i was playing like 2-3 hours back than and when its weekend i dont even sleep i play all night and im trying to improve the micro macro game like warding roaming the most important things in the game im really trying and im watching a lot of YT videos about the micro macro game and im trying to learn how to dodge skillshots and the timing im still learning from the Game The Binding of Isaac afterbirth and i wanna be the booshy game so yes guys this is the reason why i want to became a pro player what do you think guys ? do i can reach it ? any tips ? write in the comment below well thank you for reading this and for your time have a nice day ! :)
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