League of Legends World Cup in 2020

League of Legends World Championship is organized since 2011. But here fight E-Sport organizations. I have an idea, to make in 2020, first time in history an tournament where nation teams will fight against eachether. How it can looks? 1. To the end of Spring split 2019 Nation teams apply themselves to Challenger World Cup. 2. Before Mid-season 2019 coaches public team sqauads 3. Challenger World Cup start after Mid-season 2019 4. After Worlds 2019 from mid of November to end of December starts LWCS(League of Legends World Cup Series) on every continent. 5. In 2nd week of January 2020 starts LWCS Finals 6. 30.01-02.02. , 06.02-09.02. Group Stages of World Cup 7. 13.02-16.09 Quaterfinals 8. 21.02-22.02 Semifinals 9. 28.02 3rd place match 29.02 Final Slots for continets: All slots- 16 Asia- 6 Europe- 4 North and South America- 2 for each Africa and Australia and Oceania- 1 for each First rules (it is my idea): 1. Players and Coach must have nationality of country they represent. 2. Representation can have max. 10 players (2 for each position) 3. Coaches have to inform about changes in squad of representation. LWCS Finals Rules Africa and Australia and Oceania: 1. To finals qualify 4 the best teams. 2. Champion gets slot on World Cup. North and South America: 1. To finals qualify 6 the best teams. 2. 1st and 2nd team of LWCS starts game from semifinal. 3. Finalist and Champion get slot on World Cup. Europe 1. To finals qualify 8 the best teams. 2. 1st and 2nd team of LWCS starts game from semifinal (Guaranted slot on World Cup), 3rd and 4th from quaterfinal 3. Semifinalists and higher get slot on World Cup. Asia: 1. To the finals qualify 10 the best teams 2. 1st and 2nd team of LWCS starts game from semifinal, trzecia 3rd and 4th from quaterfinal (Guaranted slot on World Cup), 5th and 6th from round 2. 3. Quaterfinalists and higher get slot on World Cup. Group stage drow rules: Pots: 1st pot: Host, The best teams of Europe, Asia and North America (If the host is the best in Europe, Asia or North America, it is 2nd team of continent) 2nd pot: 2nd and 3rd team of Asia, 2nd team of Europe and North America 3rd pot: 4th and 5th team of Asia, 3rd team of Europe i 1st team of South America 4th pot: 6th team of Asia, 4th team of Europe, 2nd team of South America, teams from Australia and Oceania oraz Africa Content of pots can be change because of host-country 1. Host play in group A 2. All teams from 1st pot get 1st position in group 3. In 1 group can be only 1 team from 1 continent (exept Asia, can be 2 Asian teams in 1 group) 4. Position of teams from another pot than 1st will be drow. If you think there is an important case, and i didn't say about it, questions, or another rules, I invite you to comment.
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