Faker, is he really number 1?

Hey guys so before i start i Just want tell you guys that this post is not to trash Faker at all. I do believe he is a great player and that he once was the best. Especially season 4 when SKT won world champions for the first time. This post is just to discuss if you all think that Faker is still the best player in the world. Because honestly I do not. Even since 2015 worlds where SKT still won i felt like he got just straight outplayed in the midlane. His assassin champions is really really good but except for an occasional Le blanc game he rarely plays any assassin anymore. Regarding utility champs I understand that the whole idea is not that he will be the carry when he plays like a LuLu but he is really not great with it. His Ryze is also a bit touch and go. I get it, Ryze can be easily shutdown and sometimes struggling with him happens. But he plays him soooo much and underperforms soo much for the so called #1 player of the world. Same with his Azir i have seen games where he would miss ultimates like 5 times in a row. Anyway i still think he is pretty good, but I also feel like he has been over hyped for a while now and there are actually quite a few midlaners that is better than him atm. Or just as good.
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