I have a dream, I want to make it a reality

I have a dream, that I will become a professional Esport player in League of Legends. I know that this is a very hard thing to achive, I know that I need to work hard to get there and even then work harder, I know that even if I get there I will not be making millions, I know that I'm not the best player. But playing video games is my passion, my life and the only thing I have been really good at. I have been taught that getting a job that pays really well but is not enjoyable is never worth it than getting a job that pays poorly but I love doing. I hold that advice very close to my heart because I know what I want to do but achiving it is like climbing a steep mountain, you try as hard as you can to make it to the top just so you can admire the view for a time and have that memory with you after. I am currently platinum 5 and I know that is not even close to challenger, but I will try to get there and I will put sweat and blood into this because I know thats where I can find true happiness. I wanted to share this with you to let you know not to give up your dreams, the road there is foggy and you might sometimes question yourself "do I really want this?". Deep inside you know what you're doing is the right thing, don't let others tell you otherwise. Keep going, because You are the leader of your life.
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