[NA LCS Quarterfinals] CLG vs Liquid

[NA LCS Quarterfinals] CLG vs Liquid
29 Highlights from NALCS1. Edited By Angel "Txileno" Olórtegui.
[NA LCS] CLG vs Team Liquid The semifinals are ready for the next week, and it was a fun series this one, the rookie of TL have a lot of potential as ADC and it will be a good to watching in the future. If you missed the series check this remix with the highlights of each game of the match!: From Game 1: http://themoment.tv/playlist/3271 From Game 2: http://themoment.tv/playlist/3271/moment/25621 From Game 3: http://themoment.tv/playlist/3271/moment/25642 From Game 4: http://themoment.tv/playlist/3271/moment/25666 For now, actually, for the next week we will have "El Clásico" between TSM vs CLG!!! who think it will reach to the final!?!?!?!

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