top performing players in NA challenger series xD

Image kek hosted in I love how NA challenger series is a place for aspiring new American talent to shine! With all this new talent waiting to be seen! In all seriousness though Na challenger series is still better than EU challenger series. Atleast the teams there seem to be really good whereas eu challenger series doesnt seem to have alot of great organisations backing any of the teams. And the team that dropped out of EU LCS last season is now acing all of the other teams. Somehow i'd wish there to be better teams in the challenger series with strong organisations behind them. if the unmatched winner in challenger series goes 0/10 in normal eu lcs there's definitly something wrong with the level of the challenger series. Also kind of dissapointing to look at the names and realize i don't know a single player in eu challenger series while i know MANY players in the NA challenger series, madlife, santorin ect.. there are enough good ex lcs players in europe and its sad to see that there arent more big names there. though alot of our experienced players seem to be going over to american teams. Europe needs to step up it's game in my opinion. There are only a handfull of teams with a great organisation behind them. I Do hope some of these teams step up their game though. I in all honesty just want to see a challenger series team go into lcs and perform well there for a change. instead of seeing them drool back into challenger series the next season
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